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Short sales can be very time consuming and frustrating, leaving many people
reluctant to even attempt one. People attempting to complete a short sale need an
experienced short sale attorney to help them. That’s where
Attorney Adam
Diamond and his team at DLSS LLC come in with their expertise on what makes a
short sale successful.

When a client decides to proceed with a short sale, Adam and his short sale team
handle all of the negotiations with the bank or banks. Clients and agents no longer
have to put up with sending the bank the same document three times or sitting on
hold for hours on end.

Once the short sale is approved, Adam and the attorneys at
Diamond & LeSueur P.
C. will handle the real estate closing for the sale of the property as well. The legal
representation at the closing, as well as the short sale negotiations, are performed
at no cost to the seller. Adam asks your lender(s) to pay his attorney fees as part
of the closing costs for the short sale.

DLSS LLC is just one of many resources
Diamond & LeSueur P.C.uses to help
clients with short sales. If short sale clients have foreclosure questions, they are
provided with a free initial consultation with
Sam Diamond to discuss the
foreclosure process and various defense strategies.
Short Sales are something that anyone can do, but only a few can do it right!
Welcome to DLSS LLC!
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